Agriculture GK

Agriculture GK has been the backbone of human civilization since the dawn of time. In today’s world, with the constant influx of information, the importance of Agriculture General Knowledge (GK) cannot be overstated.

What is the most widely grown cereal crop in the world?

a) Rice
b) Wheat
c) Maize
d) Barley
Answer: a) Rice

What is the primary purpose of a combine harvester?

a) To plant crops
b) To apply fertilizer
c) To harvest crops
d) To irrigate fields
Answer: c) To harvest crops

Which of the following is a legume crop?

a) Wheat
b) Rice
c) Cotton
d) Peas
Answer: d) Peas

Which of the following is an example of a non-renewable resource in agriculture?

a) Fertilizer
b) Water
c) Soil
d) Seeds
Answer: a) Fertilizer

What is the process of turning milk into cheese called?

a) Fermentation
b) Pasteurization
c) Homogenization
d) Coagulation
Answer: d) Coagulation

Which of the following is a technique used for preserving food by removing water content?

a) Dehydration
b) Fermentation
c) Canning
d) Freezing
Answer: a) Dehydration

Which of the following is not a method of organic farming?

a) Crop rotation
b) Genetic modification
c) Composting
d) Natural pest control
Answer: b) Genetic modification

What is the process of breeding plants or animals with desirable traits called?

a) Hybridization
b) Natural selection
c) Genetic engineering
d) Artificial selection
Answer: d) Artificial selection

Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?

a) Carbon dioxide
b) Methane
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrous oxide
Answer: c) Oxygen

What is the term for the practice of rotating crops to maintain soil health and fertility?

a) Tillage
b) Monoculture
c) Mulching
d) Crop rotation
Answer: d) Crop rotation

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