Indian Express Epaper 2021

Why should you read Indian Express Epaper ? We need to make a habit to read English Newspaper Daily. Newspaper reading is always a good habit. It helps us to know not only India but also the whole world. This helps us to increase our communication skills also to know current affairs, English News, English… Read More »

Classical & Folk Dance 2021

Classical & Folk Dance Classical & Folk Dances considered an intensely expressive and skilled form of performing art that gives pleasure and immensely delightfulness to the spectators. In India, dance comprises numerous styles, generally classified as Classical & Folk dance form. Classical dance is the traditional dance form which have roots in the ancient Indian… Read More »

International Awards: achievements or victory

International Awards International awards- Award is considered a prize to honour someone’s achievements or victory. It’s a distinction, given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a particular field. There are various prestigious international awards in several fields to honour the achievement of the deserving person globally such as –Nobel Prize… Read More »

First in the World: A Complete List

First in the World: A Complete List Hey learners, in this article there is a list of ‘the first in the world GK question’ which is very important for most of all the competitive exams. Noticeably, the questions regarding ‘first in the world’ are frequently being asked in various competitive exams. As well all know… Read More »

Daily gk update 2021

Daily gk update 2021 Hey learners, heartiest welcome to  if you  looking for a study guide for daily gk update and general knowledge and current affairs then will be the one stop solution. This website is specially designed for daily gk update, GK current affairs, for UPSC, SSC, Banking, NTSE, Railway, RPSC and… Read More »

What is the world’s largest thing?

Talk about the biggest in the world, update your general Learn about the world’s biggest 1) world’s largest cricket stadium? Ans : Motera cricket stadium ahmedabad gujarat, India. 2) world’s largest radio telescope? Ans : Aperture Spherical Telescope. 3) The world’s largest volcano Ans : Mauna Loa, Hawaii, United States 4) world’s largest democracy Ans… Read More »

General Knowledge questions and answers in english 2021

Here are some general knowledge questions and answers in English for MCQ questions Paper. You have to choose the correct answer and match that your answer is correct. provided general knowledge questions and answers in English the most suggestive and topmost important general knowledge questions and answers in English in this study material. We… Read More »